Screenshot of Quran Database SE v.6.0

Alhamdulillah, before you download new version of Quran Database, I would like to show you some screenshot of Quran Database SE.

New Look and Feel

The new version of Quran Database Special Edition version 6.0, very completed Quran Database software and easy to use. All features in this program can be described below:

  • Can use with MP3 Quran verse by verse
  • Multi keyword for searching Quran and Translation
  • Beauty reporting for Quran and Translation
  • Can mark your reading and memorize of Quran
  • Multi translation with multi language
  • Multi reciter
  • Have three mode view: Text Box, Database and Web Browser. Each mode view has a different model box.

Three Mode View

Quran Database SE have 3 mode view:

  • Text Box (7 model box)
  • Database (3 model box)
  • Web Browser (1 model box)

7 Text Box

Database Mode

Web Browser Mode

Make sure you have set default browser to Mozilla Firefox for the best view and result.

Multi Reciter

You can add reciter and MP3 Quran with no limit

Play Your Favourite Reciter With High Quality of MP3 Quran Sound

Multi Translation

You can add translation of Quran with no limit. You can hide or/and disable the translation without delete that translation.

Very Easy Import New Translation

Just input/copy the new translation to file Excel: Template Of Translation.xls

Searching with Multiple Keywords

The Result of Searching is:

Beautiful Printing of Quran and Translation

The result of Print Preview is:

Mark Your Quran

Thank you,

Sofyan Efendi.

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